Grimsby Kia

Spot the hamster contest

5 Easy Steps to WIN a 25$ Gas Card with

1. Find the total number of Hamsters hidden in our store.
(It's not easy and cardboard cut outs don't count for this contest.)

2. List the total number of Hamsters and the exact location of where you spotted them on our form. (Be as detailed as you can)

(Start by clicking anywhere on the map and walk around using arrow keys or by clicking.)

3. Like our Facebook page and Share your post with the total number of Hamsters spotted.

4. Get clues (If required) from our Facebook page.

5. Wait to be declared a winner.

The first 25 people that give us the right number of Hamsters at the exact locations at our store WIN the FREE GAS CARD.

Contest Ends September 30th.

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