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Kia Presents the EV3 and EV4


 e v3  e v4

Given the tremendous success of the EV6 and the excitement generated by the imminent arrival of the EV9, it was only a matter of time before Kia introduced new electric models. So here are the EV3 and the EV4.

At the moment, these are concept cars, but Kia has shown us that things can quickly go from the drawing board to production, as was the case with the EV9. Therefore, we can imagine that both models will join the Korean manufacturer's lineup in the near future.


The Kia EV3 belongs to the subcompact SUV category. However, what makes this concept even more interesting is its composition. The Korean manufacturer has notably used natural fiber and several biological materials in its manufacturing process, such as mushrooms to replicate leather.

The EV3 concept is very modern and elegant. Inside, you'll find a refined and minimalist finish. The model features a very pale interior, with the only contrasting element being its screen, which serves as both a dashboard and a multimedia system. The rest of the cabin offers a minimalist and advanced vision with a dull, pale, and washed-out color finish. I strongly doubt that such an interior would see the light of day in a production model, but the design is nonetheless interesting.

No specific information has been provided at the moment, but rumors circulating suggest that the Kia EV3 could be commercially available soon. Given its size, one might expect a more competitive price for the EV3 compared to the EV6 and EV9, which would further expand Kia's target customer base.


As for the EV4, it leans more towards being a car than an SUV, even though its design remains somewhat ambiguous. It has a design that is closer to the current EV6 than the EV9.

Just like with the EV3, the EV4 is composed of many natural materials. However, Kia has also emphasized the extensive use of recycled cotton here. The ambiance inside the EV4 is just as serene and sophisticated as that of the EV3. Once again, it features a presentation with pale and soft colors.

Ecology Above All

Kia places a strong emphasis on using natural materials in the production of its vehicles. Several elements that make up their vehicles come from the olive oil industry, corn, sawdust, sugarcane, bioplastic, and bio-polyurethane. Kia even uses recycled fishing nets in the composition of their carpets.

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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