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KIA 2015 Mobility Program at Grimsby KIA

2015 KIA Mobility Program

Kia Canada is pleased to continue the Kia Mobility Program for its qualified customers. KIA Canada will provide up to
$750 to consumer rebate (tax inclusive) towards the purchase and installation of specialty
equipment on Kia vehicles intended for use by passengers with special needs.

Program Period: January 3rd, 2015 to January 4th, 2016

Customer Eligibility

The Kia Mobility Program is Limited to:

- Individuals who purchase or lease eligible Kia vehicles that require modifications which enable them to
drive the vehicle.

- Individuals who transport persons with a disability.

- In order to qualify, a doctor's note or Government certificate with proof of work done on the vehicle must
be submitted along with the claim form.

Vehicle Eligibility

- New and Unregistered 2014, 2015, or 2016 models are eligible

- Demos sold retail will be eligible. Fleet buybacks (BF) sold retail will be eligible

- Demo and Fleet registrations are NOT eligible for this promotion

- Limit of one benefit per customer

- Offer is only transferable within the same household

- Proof of residence is required if name on sales contract does not match the Doctors note / Government

- The eligibility of any questionable units will be at the sole discretion of KIA Canada Inc.
Equipment Eligibility

- Equipment must be installed on the eligible vehicle within three (3) months of the lease or purchase date.

- Regular production options are not eligible.

Equipment includes:

- Vehicle entry - equipment designed to ease entry

- Braking and Accelerator Systems and modifications

- Switches and Controls - designed to aid in vehicle operation

- Seat modifications - including seat covers

- Steering System modifications

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